Children Who Eat 12 Or More Hot Dogs Per Month Have 9 Times The Normal Risk Of Leukemia

Did you know that around 1,500 children die of cancer annually in the US? One of the main causes for this is the increasing rate of childhood cancers. One of the snacks that can influence the appearance of cancer are hot dogs. We all love them, they are perfect for every occasion. However, L.A Times claim that kids who eat more than 12 hot dogs per month, are nine times more at risk of developing leukemia.

There have been other reports as well that suggest that those children whose mothers ate at least one hot dog a week while they were pregnant have double the risk of getting a brain tumor. This also goes for fathers as well.

What is so Wrong with Hot Dogs?

Basically, they contain nitrite additives, which are used as preservatives and they cause carcinogens in the body.

In the year before, there have been three different studies that discovered that if you consume hot dogs, it can cause childhood cancer.

First Study

Peters at al. studied the relationship between the intake of some foods and the risk of leukemia from birth to age 10 in L.A between 1980 and 1987. It was discovered that kids who ate more than 12 hod dogs a month have 9 times the normal risk of developing leukemia.

Second Study

This study by the researchers Sarusua and Savitz looked into cancer cases in Denver and they discovered that the kids that are born to mothers who consumed hot dogs one or more times per week while they were pregnant had double the risk of brain tumors. Also, brain cancer as well.

Third study

Bunin et al also discovered that maternal consumption of hot dogs during pregnancy is connected with childhood brain tumors.

This is all due to the nitrites which cause cancer. While they cook, the nitrites combine with amines that are in the meat and they form carcinogenic N-nitroso compounds. These are associated with cancer of the oral cavity, urinary bladder, esophagus, stomach and brain.

Some Questions

Perhaps you are wondering if vegetables cause cancer too because they contain nitrites. It is true that you can find them in spinach, celery and green lettuce. However, these somehow reduce the risk of cancer.

This is so because the formation of N-nitroso compounds is from nitrites and amines. The nitrites that are in vegetables also contain vitamin C and D and they inhibit the formation of N-nitroso compunds. Thus, they are very safe and reduce cancer.

In fact, all the cured meats contain nitrites, also bacon and fish. However, not all hot dogs contain nitrites. Due to modern refrigeration methods, nitrites are used more for the red color in meat than for preservation. However, hot dogs that are free of it are brownish but still have the same taste.

Concerned Yet?

If you want to protect your kids, you should do the following things:

  • Do not buy the hot dogs that contain nitrite. Also, do not let your kids consume more than 12 hot dogs a month.
  • Ask for nitrite-free hot dogs in your local supermarket.
  • Contact the local school board and ask if your kids are served with nitrite hot dogs. Request for nitrite-free ones.
  • Write the FDA and show your concern about nitrite-hot dogs and how they are not labeled that they cause cancer.

Take our advice and protect your children’s health. Try to avoid hot dogs as much as you can.


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