The Horrific Truth About Flu Meds That’s Being Hidden From You (Deaths, Suicides, and Psychiatric Episodes)

Do you really know whats inside vaccines?

How many times when you have been given a ‘necessary’ shot by a doctor, do they tell you what is inside the injection, or let you read the advice leaflet?

Guess is that it’s not many, for there would be a mass u-turn by the majority of the public if they really knew what was inside their vaccines.

The type of people who are receiving the flu vaccine each year are mostly healthy, these are the exact people who don’t need to be protected against influenza. But many of these otherwise healthy people actually end up getting sick from the side effects of the vaccine. How about that for irony?

Not only are these vaccine potentially harmful, it has recently been revealed that they don’t even work, in many cases.

After the Tamiflu outbreak in 2012, it was reported that there is no real way to stop this virus, no matter how much Big Pharma want to produce a medicine to cure everything.

The Tamiflu vaccine is one of the worst for damaging the immune system and making people sick after they get it, more so that they would have done if they were to contract the virus, which in itself would be highly unlikely.

Dr. Carl Henegen of the University of Oxford said:

“This drug was given to 1,000 people a week over a phone line, but it was no better for symptom relief than over-the-counter medication — and you’re talking about potentially serious complications. I wouldn’t prescribe it to my patients,”

People who received the Tamiflu vaccine were said to have had their immune systems weakened to the point where they are unable to make the right antibodies to fight off the virus that they were given in a small dose in the shot.

Dr. Tom Jefferson, Epidemiologist of The Cochrane Collaboration said:

“The stuff is toxic. It increased the risk of psychiatric events, headaches and renal events in one in 150 people. People reported nausea, vomiting, and constriction of the airways,”

But perhaps the most frightening side effect of the Tamiflu vaccine is the psychosis that was recorded after some children received it. Several children jumped from high up out of their houses which led to death in some cases.

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