Partners Who Fart In Front Of Each Other Are More Likely To Have A Long Relationship

Most of us have had some kind of a relationship in life. They all differ. Some of them can make you feel more free with each other, some of them can make you feel the opposite. There are relationships where you feel that you can be completely intimate with the other person, and then there are some where you feel like you cannot entirely trust the other person.

Are you one of those people who have trouble opening up to their partner and being completely intimate with them? You are not the only one. You can even be in a long-lasting relationship and still not feel as if you can completely trust your partner. What this means is that you feel as if you cannot do everything in front of your partner sometimes.


One of those things that people might not feel as comfortable to do in front of their partners is farting. Farting is one of the things that most people avoid doing in front of their partners. There is a very simple explanation for this and that is that humans do not like doing uncomfortable things in front of the people they like.

What humans try to do instead is impress the people they care about. They would try to impress the people they like more than be silly and completely themselves in front of them.

Furthermore, Leah Decesare who is the author of Naked Parenting says that you should actually do unpleasant things in front of your partner. What she discovered is that people who are more comfortable with each other have the biggest chances of staying together in the long term. This includes farting in front of each other.

If you feel like you are comfortable to fart in front of your partner, it means that you are sincere and you have complete trust in them. These things are essential for a healthy relationship. Farting will actually show that you are close and intimate and that you are not afraid to show your real self.

Thus, just as you feel that you can laugh or cry in front of your partner, it is completely natural to fart in front of them as well. Just feel like you have a strong, trustworthy and loving relationship.

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